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Here's your chance to get your very own Sunfish sailboat! With a little bit of work and some updates you can get a great, fun boat for much less than the $3,600 cost of a new sunfish. Sunfish are wonderful boats for learning to sail, yet enjoyable and competitive enough to thrill experienced sailors.All original, garage stored when not in use and it hasn't been sailed or registered since xxxx. The boat was sailed on Lake Huron near Alpena, MI by the original owner and has normal wear and tear.I have been a sailor for over 40 years. It breaks my heart this boat has sat in a garage, unused for 30 years.* The hull appears to be watertight and in good condition other than being oxidized. No spiraling or cracking; has some scrapes. * Mast and upper and lower booms are in good shape.* The mahogany wood rudder and tiller need gluing or replacing.* The mahogany dagger board has some damage on the lower edges.* The sail and lines are original and will likely need replacing. * Original product information papers, registration form, sail numbers and information, care of your boat and Dated Race Schedule that came with the purchase of the boat. * No trailer.As the boat is under 14' (13' 9") it does not require a title in Ohio.